Knappily has reached 50,000 downloads on Play Sto..." /> Knappily has reached 50,000 downloads on Play Sto..." />

On a milestone



10, Oct 2016

Knappily has reached 50,000 downloads on Play Store. As we reach here in a little over eight months, it hits us that we are also the fastest to get there in our category (‘news & magazines’). We would like to thank you (the readers) for being part of this journey and invite you for a peek into our journey.

When we started off, the objective was simple: to make people more knowledgeable about the things that matter.

The internet has made available an overwhelming amount of information, most of them for free. But the problem is where does one start? In an era of crass titillation and clickbaits, we identified this as a gap – and decided to help reduce the information overload by doing the research for our readers. We decided to build an app for knowledge-hungry, time-starved people.

Market research and pilot testing revealed that news readers don’t always know what they are interested in. And that if we de-jardgonise issues, they get interested in a wider variety of topics. We started covering articles (‘knapps’) in a way that suggests, “We have researched about this topic so you don’t have to.” 

The 5W1H framework (What, Why, When, Where, Who, and How) is used in Operations Management to identify the root-cause of problems. We adopted this framework to provide critical analyses to get a 360-degree view about a particular topic. We decided to use this framework for knowledge dissemination to uncover key information related to a topic and disrupt how information is consumed.

Our research also revealed that this framework helped faster consumption of information as people only slow down for parts of the story they don’t know. The average time taken to read each knapp is around 2 minutes. Yes, by the time you wait for your Maggi to be cooked, you become a subject matter expert. 

Our framework has been overwhelmingly liked by our readers. And that, if we have to select one of the many, is the biggest positive for us. Most of our reviews mention ‘the concept’ as the determining reason why our work stands out. 

It is amazing what you can do with a small team determined to make a difference. We wanted to play our part in heralding a knowledge revolution; considering that noise is often confused with news, it is high time the world gets one.

Knappily has been very well received by readers and our media peers alike. Knappily was featured in Deccan Herald, Deccan Chronicle, The New Indian Express, The Hindu (Tamil Edition), YourStory, and other popular dailies. 

In the meantime, Knappily won the Digital Consumer Innovators Programme hosted by IDG Ventures IndiaWe got to present our business plan to the legendary Ratan Tata. Knappily was also listed in the NextBig100 start-ups by Hay Group, a US-based management consulting firm.

While these recognitions validate the idea and the efforts we put in, the thing that keeps us going is the reviews and feedback we get from our readers. We have got hundreds of emails thanking us for what we are doing. We were in fact surprised by reviews from the United States, Singapore, Spain, Argentina, etc. – supposedly the people who weren’t our target audience - asking us to diversify the range of topics we have to offer.

As we gaze at the expanses of the future, it presents both opportunities and challenges. We will soon offer content in vernacular starting with Hindi. We will also be customising our content according to our readers' preferences. We will constantly work towards ensuring that our readers are always part of an intellectual discussion!

Meanwhile, keep knapping…

Thank you, 

Team Knappily

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