On The Hindu using Knappily’s 5W1H framework for current affairs analysis



19, Feb 2017

Earlier today, our inbox was flooded with messages saying that The Hindu has used Knappily’s 5W1H framework for analysis of current affairs in its Sunday editions. As we tried to verify the claims, we learnt that they were in fact true. (Link to the full page: https://goo.gl/xnOuc8)

We were in fact very surprised. After all, The Tamil edition of The Hindu had reviewed our app in detail last year titled "A new way to learn about news". (Link to the entire article: https://goo.gl/oUxd9i)

A couple of days ago, the newspaper has adopted a refreshed look. In a notice titled "The Hindu on Sunday", the newspaper had claimed to introduce "a clutch of new special pages such as Despatches (special reports from around the world), 5Ws (a page of explainers), Framed (a two-page photo essay), Business Abroad (on international business) The Big Story (from our sister publication The Hindu Business Line) and others." (Link: https://goo.gl/PSN4ml)

The concept itself is not new. It has been used for decades now in problem solving. But to use it to uncover details about current affairs is an innovation brought about by Knappily. The framework has helped present an unbiased, 360-degree view of topics while also helping the readers go from Zero to One gaining full knowledge about a topic in 2 minutes. The idea was conceived by our CEO Yashaswi Kumar when he was attending an Operations Management lecture.

As the old adage goes, "Imitation is the best form of flattery."

It is indeed flattering when a newspaper with a 139-year old legacy uses our framework for analysis. The Hindu has acknowledged the need for a 360-degree view in the mainstream media amidst the regular reporting and columns.

In fact, this is precisely the gap we are trying to fill with our 360-degree analysis, one that couldn't be filled by the everyday newspaper reports and columns for they weren’t able to provide a holistic view of an issue.

We have written to the newspaper seeking clarification on this matter, and we'll keep you posted about the same in the following days. ​

While this is a weekly thing for The Hindu, using the 5W1H framework for analysis is a daily thing for us. We rolled out the app on Jan 21, 2016. In a year's time, we are now approaching a 90,000 downloads, a huge chunk of which came from word of mouth. We are the also the highest-rated app (4.8* on Play Store and 4.9* on App Store) in our category.

So checkout Knappily here to learn about issues in the best and the most comprehensive way possible: https://knappily.app.link/download

About Knappily:

Knappily, short for Knowledge Application Daily, analyses and presents content in the 5W1H (What, Why, When, Where, Who, and How) framework popularly used in critical analysis. We anticipate the questions about a topic, and answer them in a way that can be easily consumed, presenting the user with a 360-degree view of the topic. It is an app for the knowledge-hungry, time-starved people.

Knappily is available for Android, IoS and Amazon Kindle devices